Let’s Keep Our Communities Safe

News: Let’s Keep Our Communities Safe

“The most dangerous social experiment of our generation.” That is how Newport Beach Police Chief Jay Johnson describes the state “realignment” program to release state prisoners back to local jails and supervised community release. Faced with court-mandated requirements to reduce prison populations, Gov. Jerry Brown and the state legislature enacted AB 109 that mandated 30,000 convicts, who would otherwise serve in state prison, be returned to local communities.  In Orange County, 3,700 such convicts have been sent from the state.
Let’s acknowledge that there were some people being sent to state prison that had no business being there.  But given the number and type of crimes required to earn a state prison sentence, this was a very small group.  Many of those released were convicted of drug related crimes, and while we need effective court-mandated diversion for drug offenders, the problem with most drug offenders is that they steal to pay for drugs.  What we do know, is that the greatest predictor for future crime, is past criminal activity. In fact, the rate of criminal recidivism for male offenders over the age of 21 is 54% in the first year and 80.6% within three years of release.  In other words, the state is sending back the population most likely to commit additional crimes.
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Ayusa Kicks Off Search for American Families to Host Exchange Students in Wisconsin

-- Ayusa International is currently seeking volunteer U.S. host families in Wisconsin interested in hosting a foreign exchange student for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.
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Prisoners: A prisoner, also known as an inmate or detainee, is a person who is deprived of liberty against their will. This can be by confinement, captivity, or by forcible restraint. The term applies particularly to those on trial or serving a prison sentence.[1]
Enacted: An Act of Congress is a statute enacted by the United States Congress. It can either be a Public Law, relating to the general public, or a Private Law, relating to specific institutions or individuals.
Convicts: A convict is "a person found guilty of a crime and sentenced by a court" or "a person serving a sentence in prison",[1] sometimes referred to in slang as simply a "con".[2] Convicts are often called prisoners or inmates. Persons convicted and sentenced to non-custodial sentences often are not termed "convicts". Ex-convict is a common way of referring to a person who has been released from prison.
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